Buy car vs Cab ?

*Buying a Car* v/s *Hire* a Cab :
A superb *Analysis*

Any car in india cost atleast Rs. 6,00,000
Scrap value after six year – Rs. 1,00,000
Net amount goes in effective Life of six year Rs. 5,00,000

Nos of days of six yr is 2200 days

So Rs. 5,00,000/2200
= Rs. 230/day

Yearly insurance Rs 15000 = Rs. 41/day

Daily petrol minimum
= Rs. 100/Day

After every 3 years Tyre & Battery change charge Rs. 25,000 i.e. = Rs. 23/day

Yearly maintenance of
Car Rs. 9000 i.e
= Rs. 25/day

Plus interest loss on
Car buying amount
@8%on Rs. 6,00,000 = Rs 131/day _______________
So after buying a new car *daily expenditure = Rs. 850/day.*

So friends untill you pay Rs. 850 daily to hire a cab, you are effectively in gain travelling in rental car.

Above all, driving cars on the Indian roads is full of risk added with Mental tension/BP…

New hefty Traffic challans not included.

Can this be the real reason behind recession in the automobile industry?