Marathi Jokes

Engineer vs dr vs advocates jokes

An engineer, a doctor and an advocate went to Bangkok for fun trip.

To save the money they hired only One Thai babe. ?

When asked for her rate, she said she would charge each of them as per their dick length in inches.
Dick length x1000 bahts.

At first, the doctor went with her.
When he came back, other two asked him how much he paid.

“6000 bahts…….” the doctor said.

Then it was a lawyer.

” How much…..????? ”

” 8000 Bahts ” the lawyer said with his head high.

Then went the Engineer.
_” How much you paid….???? “_
The doctor and the lawyer asked anxiously…..!!!! ?

” 2000………”

“Oh….!!!! ?
You have such a small manhood.
We feel sorry for you…..”
The doctor and the lawyer said, keeping their joy in minds.

The *Engineer* Smiled ? and said :
*_” In Our Contracts, Measurements are taken after the Work Is Completed…..!!!! “_*