GST Bill Jokes In Hindi, GST Tax Jokes.

GST Bill Jokes In Hindi.

GST Tax Jokes.

Bhkat logic behind GST

What is GST ?

Bhakt: Gau Sewa Tax.

AAPtard logic on GST bill

AAPTard:#GSTBill is not good


AAPTard:Odd Even is already good

then How 2 good can be at same time.

किसी को इत्ता सा भी नहीं समझ में आया कि

#GSTBill आखिर है क्या और ट्वीट हर कोई करे पड़ा है ?

If GSTBill was passed by UPA

government, it would have become

Rajiv Gandhi Vastu Evam Seva Kar Yojana

Politician: GST passed wooohhoa

Media: GST passed wooohhoa

Businessmen: GST passed wooohhoa

CA student: BC naya ACT padhna padega #GSTBill


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