Funny Santa Banta Jokes

Only Santa Can Do This, Hats Off To Him

In A Bar An American, An Italian, A Turki And An Indian (Santa) Met.

American: “I’m Proud Of Our CIA, They Know Whatever Is Happening In The World, Often Before It Happens.”—–Read Full Joke After The Ads—–

Italian: “I’m Proud Of Our Women, They’re The Most Beautiful And Not Easy To Be Had.

Turki: “I’m Proud Of Our Carpets, True Works Of Art. No One Can Make Carpets Of Such High Quality.

Then They All Looked At The Silent Santa, Waiting For His Response.

They asked: “What Are You Proud Of?

Santa: “I’m Proud Of Myself!

They All Asked: “Why?

Santa: “Yesterday I Screwed An Italian Woman On A Turkish Carpet And The CIA Knew Nothing About It.

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