Reliance Jio jokes

Whatsapp ne Already Airtel and Vodafone ki baja rakhi thi…
Ab jio ne Un dono ko maar hi dala… and Ab Jio Whatsapp calls ki bajayega:v
Already value of Idea and Airtel decreased by 9% today! :v
It’s very interesting… maja aa gya bc!

1. All voice calls for #RelianceJio customers will be absolutely free.
2. No #Jio customer will ever pay for voice calls again.
3. Roaming charges will also be zero across India.
4. Data plans will be 5 paise per MB and 50 rupees a GB – the more data you use, the lower the rate.
5. Free Night Unlimited 4G Data with JIO Plans.
Hela dala sabko !!!





Pls #Jio  aur Jine do ..
From :



Next: Ambani to get into the alcohol business calling it PIO.
where daru will be free, only soda-chips will be charged!

JIO special:

Reliance Digital की बंद दुकान के बाहर भीड़

लगी थी।

एक आदमी बार-बार आगे जाने

की कोशिश

करता और लोग उसे पकड़ कर पीछे

खींच लेते।

5-6 बार पीछे खींचे जाने के बाद

वह चिल्लाया:
‘लगे रहो लाइन में सालों, मैं आज


ही नहीं खोलूंगा!’….



RIP?  Airtel

RIP ? Vodafone

RIP ? Idea

RIP ? Docomo

RIP?  Aircel
?Jio મુકેશભાઈ Jio?

Next Ambani getting into alcohol business calling it “Pio”… where Daru will be free… only chakhana will be charged!!!?

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