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Chanakya Formula to end the reservation policy in India

“Chanakya Formula” to end the reservation policy in India. Brilliant !!!

A college Principal in (UP) gave a tight slap on caste based reservation system with this brilliant idea.

Just like the Government divided people in to General, SC, ST, OBC, he also divided the students in to sections based on General, SC, ST and OBC.

Then he divided the teachers on same lines.

Now a teacher recruited under General category will teach the students of General category. A SC teacher will teach only SC students and so on.

People want this to be implemented in all hospitals too.

This is a wonderful initiative and will soon see the reservation system go away.

Reservation should only be on economic grounds apart from reservation for the kin of soldiers who died for the nation.

If you support this, please share in the interest of the nation and also petition the Government to end the reservation since talent & qualification has taken a severe beating in last 60 years.