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Story of a consultant – Absolute Class!!!

Story of a consultant – Absolute Class!!.

A farmer separated the bulls and cows…

*to prepare them for the mating season a few day later.*

He built a wall with barbed wires on top.

One bull was already very horny.

Other bulls told him, there is one veteran consultant bull amongst them that may help.

The bull went to him and asked how to cross the wall to the cows.

The consultant explained:

  • First of all.. stand 60 feet away from the wall…
  • Then run at 60mph…
  • Then jump at a 60° angle…
  • Do what you want….
  • Then come back the same way.

The horny bull inquired:

“….but what if I mess up with the calculations and lost my genitals with the barbed wires?”

The consultant replied:

“…?you’d become a consultant?”.

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