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I got attacked by ransomware and was asked for money…
I sent them my Bank balance receipt … Immediately they themselves removed it from my system & they deposited 300$ in my account too ….????????.

Ransomware hacked into SBI

It said “It’s lunchtime, come back later”

How Indians can escape from Ransomware?

Step 1 : Microsoft CEO calls India as Poor Country
Step 2 : Indians Uninstall Windows. ????????

Yesterday I got attacked by ransomware and was asked for money…
Yeah it’s true.
I said ok and I sent them my bank account statement… Immediately they apologized and removed the malware from my system. also, they asked for my account number to transfer some money.


*SBI destroys Ransomware virus* 
Ransomware virus tried to enter into computer system of SBI. It could not succeed as someone told it, *lunch ke baad aana”* It came back after lunch time but got stuck again as someone said,  *yahan nahi 14 no. counter per jaeye* 

Tried third time nd listened  *peeche account number aur mobile number daalo* 
Finally 4th time …. *aaj time khatam, ab kal aana*

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